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We are a simple to use Trade only resource for the electrical industry specifically for Electrical Contractors, Electrical Wholesalers and Electrical Manufacturers (which also includes Distributors) with distinct services for each.

Our on-line service is fully focused on a common problem area for all of these businesses – that is stock or rather devalued, written down stock that isn’t moving so it would fall into one of the following categories:

• Excess stock
• Aged stock
• End of line stock
• Surplus stock
• Redundant stock
• Obsolete stock
• Used but serviceable stock

This is relevant to each business type, whether you are a Contractor, Wholesaler or Manufacturer. In each business type a certain amount and sometimes a colossal amount of “cash” will be tied up in the above and without a strategy all that stock does, is collect dust and become worth less and less.

An Electrical Contractor can in many instances have to remove perfectly serviceable equipment (although not suitable equipment for a change of use or new owner of a property) which has a significant value and end up simply “skipping” it all, which is a wasted opportunity for revenue as "weighing in” off cuts, or old recovered large armoured cables that are not required, for their copper value is common practice because of the value derived.

An electrical wholesaler, in the normal course of running their business will build up an amount of old stock that simply isn't selling but is just becoming worth less and less getting written down year after year

Manufacturers and distributors will end up with obsolete stock items as product ranges develop or old stock poorly packaged as a result of stock cleanse agreements with wholesaler - this doesn't mean this stock is not serviceable. 

Tens of or even hundreds of thousands of pounds a year are effectively being thrown away.

We are here to help all of these businesses with an efficient solution in turning what’s not being used, into cash which can be used positively.

The Trade Link "on-line platform" gives national visibility of all of this stock to over 40,000 electrical equipment buyers – made up of Electrical Contractors and other businesses that within them have a bona fide Electrical Installation side such as building and construction businesses, heating and plumbing businesses or renewable or refurbishment businesses.

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