Electrical Contractors

Unwanted stock?

How much is it worth?

Are you literally sitting on a pile of ££'s?

Why not turn your unwanted stock into cash?

Take a look in your van, garage or your store area.

The likelihood is that you have perfectly serviceable electrical equipment that you are unlikely to use.

Maybe you installed a new Three Phase Board in an industrial unit that had a change of use where the original equipment could not cope with the new loads? But the existing equipment was actually pretty good, perfectly usable but just not up to the required spec for the new use of the building.

Maybe you’ve taken down a number of high-bay or low bay lights because a customer decided to upgrade to LED or maybe it’s a simple as you’ve over estimated the number of something on a job and you have that equipment left – and its already been paid for so its surplus.

What do you do?

With new unused stock you can try returning it to your wholesaler. If they bought in especially they will have to contact the manufacturer who may not take the goods back and even if they do there will be a handling charge or restocking charge and carriage charges and so the value of the stock diminishes and there is hassle for everyone. In reality often nothing happens and the stock sits there.

If you have used/recovered stock that's perfectly serviceable you'd probably just skip it. With The Trade Link you don't have to.

We offer another option – The Trade Link offers an easy to use alternative so you can show all of the other electrical equipment buyers in the UK (40,000 of them) what you have that you don’t want at great prices - because the stock doesn’t “owe” you anything. Its already been paid for or if its recovered used stock you have had it for free – so it’s all extra profit for you.

Just imagine if you have recovered a number of MCCB's or maybe some hazardous area type lighting - if checked  and are working ok these still retain real value and someone will have a need for them. Why miss out?

And you can get started for free.

Simply upload (via phone or computer) what you have to sell on to The Trade Link on-line portal (a simple form to complete – anyone can do it) and there it is - all the electrical equipment you don't want or need for every electrical buyer to see.

There are no set up charges and we do not charge for listings, just a small commission when goods are sold. It couldn't be easier to turn unwanted equipment into cash.

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