Delivery Information

There are no delivery charges

Delivery costs are incorporated into the product selling price by the seller.

This means the seller needs to decide if they wish to sell their items singularly (if large or high value items) and include any delivery cost within the selling price, or whether they are selling in "lots" of say 10 pieces and again list at a price per "lot of 10 pieces" at a price that includes the cost of delivery of that 1 "lot" of 10 items.

An example would be that a seller is selling 100 integrated LED down lights in multiples of 10 pieces at £5.00 per downlight (would be happy at £4.50 per downlight but is covering the delivery cost by adding 50p per downlight) or £50.00 per "lot" of 10. A buyer will order 1 "lot" of the item (which is actually 10 pieces) at £50.00 knowing that apart from VAT there are no additional charges.

By taking this approach sales are not jeopardised as it is very likely that a buyer could buy multiple items which are sourced from various sellers. Should the buyer get to the checkout and see numerous delivery charges this is highly likely to halt the buying process. This is not in the interest of the seller.

In addition some items may be sold in quantities that require palletised deliveries, others small items that fit into a jiffy bag. It is impossible to have a single flat rate that covers all eventualities and having delivery charges individually incorporated is the fairest method by far.

Sellers on our website will ship the products that you purchase via The Trade Link to you directly. Products are shipped during normal business hours, from Monday to Friday 9am -5pm.

Orders placed outside of these hours will be shipped the next working day, unless otherwise notified by the seller. A shipping confirmation will be sent out to the buyer via email.

Our suppliers will aim for all orders to be shipped to you within 2 working days (excluding weekends and bank holidays).

When placing orders for numerous items it is likely that you will actually be buying from multiple suppliers which means your order maybe delivered in several parts as the various sellers will often use different couriers.