Electrical Manufacturers

For manufacturers (and we also include distributors that sell into wholesalers) the Trade Link offers a more specific service.

Let us help you minimize end of line stock, excess stock, returned stock, and all the associated issues.

One of the key elements of our service for manufacturers is that it is  discreet.

This is an extremely crucial aspect for reasons that will become clear.

The main problem areas for manufacturers are:

 End of line stock – an existing product line has been replaced by an updated version and this existing product line is now difficult to move because the new line is so much better or efficient.

• Returns under stock cleanse agreements with wholesalers. They may have given you a 2 for 1 compensating order but you are still left with old stock that is probably poorly boxed and is essentially a problem.

• Excess / Overstock – maybe you import stock in and for some reason a line or lines have not sold as well as expected and now that stock is dated and unlikely to sell through unless it’s almost  given away. Often when handling these stock issues a manufacturer will via marketing or their sales teams offer “special” prices to make it so appealing that the wholesale customers will take some product as they see additional potential profits.

This can have a number of effects.

1. The sales teams tend to focus on these items however sales of current profitable products can potentially suffer. Concentrating selling efforts on products that are producing little or no profit is not ideal and good product sales can easily slow down.

2. If your sales team offer a wholesaler a fantastic deal on a particular product line that is coming to the end, for a decent volume order then it is likely that if that wholesaler has current existing stocks of this product line they may also expect a credit from you to bring the value of their existing stock down to what’s being offered as part of the deal. This is particularly damaging as its giving away profit that has already been made.

3. In the case of returns, the stock is likely to be old, need repackaging and have to be sold off at low prices – so you the manufacturer, is having to effectively pay more money out to sell off something at minimal margin – if any at all.

4. As regards overstocks. If your teams go out and offer these particular products at fantastic prices it will have a negative effect on the sales of good products and often  it almost shows your wholesale customers what you could have sold it at – then they think they have been overcharged on previous purchases.

In all instances it’s proven to be difficult to move this stock efficiently without some negative issues along the way. This is where we can be extremely useful to you.

Your problem products can be uploaded on to our portal and be visible to all of our trade only electrical equipment buyers (40,000+ electrical contractors and installers) at the clearance prices you have decided upon. Most importantly even though your products are fully visible your company is not. No potential buyer will know which company is advertising which products. Your unique vendor number only is on show.

As an example.

Let’s assume you are a lighting manufacturer/distributor and have 1000 Integrated LED downlights that are coming to the end of their life as new models emerge. Your selling price has been £16.00 into wholesalers (your cost price perhaps £10.00)  and now you have a new updated model being launched and need them moved quickly and are happy to do so at say £8.00. They come boxed in 10’s and you have them listed on our portal at £9.20 each as we charge 15% commission.

These will now be visible to all 40,000 UK electrical contractors/installers.

If an electrician has been paying £20.00 a unit for this product, from his local wholesaler, has done so for some time, and has been very happy with this product and is now being offered this same product from our portal for only £9.20......... then it won't take long to sell out only 1000 units. After all they are tried and tested.

To keep the service discreet we can, if required, provide you with our paperwork to be attached to each consignment. If this is a service you would like to discuss please let us know

Another real bonus is that you do not have to wait 60 days for payment because all purchases from our portal require payment with order. As soon as the buyer has had delivery and has confirmed receipt of goods you invoice us for the price sold less the 15% commission we charge. We do two payment runs a month so you never wait longer than two weeks for your money.

Now you can turbo charge these product sales as your offering (under our branding so keeping the service discreet) can be communicated immediately to over 40,000 contractors/installers via a fully managed email marketing campaign which we also offer.

It's important to note also that as some products listed on The Trade Link portal can be “used”, but tested working, and as we only offer our services to the trade, no warranties are given or implied with any products purchased. There is no comeback on you.

In summary

1. You now have a solution for your problem stock.

2. Through The Trade Link your problem stock can be quickly moved through to contractors/installers in ideal quantities without any further cost implications.

3. There will be no detrimental effect on sales of current stock.

4. You will not need to give any credits to wholesalers to compensate for the price of their existing stock.

5. Old and poorly packaged returned stock, can easily be managed in this manner as amongst the 40,000 installers or contractors there will be those that want to purchase what you have to sell at the reduced prices you are offering and they will not be overly concerned about the state of the packaging.

6. Our service is discreet and because we market to the contractors and they buying via our site, they won't know who is actually supplying the goods, which ensure there will be no conflict with current customers.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you take away your stock problems please get in touch now.

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