Electrical Wholesalers

Stock problems?

Not shifting?

Gathering dust?

Struggling to sell old stock through?

For as long as wholesalers have been in business stock has been an issue.

More specifically aged stock, surplus stock, end of line and returned stock.

Research shows that this “problem” stock can have a value of between 0.5% - 1% of a wholesalers annual turnover. That’s as much as  £10,000.00 for every £1 million turnover.

That’s a lot of cash tied up not working for you.

So what generally what are the options with this stock?

You can try and return it to a manufacturer who, if they agree to have it back, want a significant restocking charge or maybe a 2 for 1 compensating order – that’s if the stock is still current which often it is not – LED lighting is a classic case.

After you’ve had the stock over a year it gets devalued or written down so you can sell it out at a lower cost. But you tend to be selling to the same audience of existing customers, often over the trade counter, and this effort tends to fizzle out or not really work because it can have a detrimental effect on your usual day to day product sales. It can lead on to your customers then wanting current products at the same prices.

If you have multiple branches you may try moving the stock to another branch perhaps because one branch has sold more of these items historically than another branch. This can work to a degree but now you are putting time and effort and effectively money into something that is really losing you money so it’s never that appealing.

You look toward Excess Stock Buyers. They may take the stock away for perhaps 15% of the purchase price which always feels gut wrenching as you the wholesaler, know the real value of the stock.

The simple fact is that to date it’s not been an easy issue to handle.

Often the stock sits there gathering dust, devaluing by the week, month and year.

Ideally you want to get some of the cost back so you can invest that money into fast moving stock you always need, will undoubtedly turnover and generate profit from.

How can The Trade Link help you achieve this?

Using The Trade Link you can now show the stock you want to move directly to over 40,000+ UK electrical buyers – these are contractors and other businesses that have an electrical installation side who could be looking for precisely what you are trying to move.

The Trade Link is gives you an on line portal, enabling you to list and show exactly what you have to all potential buyers at what can be extremely attractive prices – because the value of this stock has already been written down.

There is no negative impact on your day to day business – it’s totally separate.

This is a trade only service – it’s not available to the public - only to the Electrical industry – only to 40,000+ potential buyers.

What you have will be wanted by a contractor somewhere– you just don’t know who or where they are.

This is your vehicle to turn this problem stock into cash.

There are no costs to getting started.

You simply upload (list) what you have on to The Trade Link on-line portal (a simple form to complete per product– anyone can do it) and there it is for every electrical buyer to see, on the most widely used electrical products web portal today.

There are no set up charges and we do not charge for listings, just a small commission when goods are sold.

If you want you can turbo charge sales of this stock by using our targeted e-marketing campaigns - want to know more? Contact us now for more information.

There are also many other benefits for you when using The Trade Link.

Another huge benefit to you the Wholesaler is that as a "seller" on our portal, you are also entitled to be a "buyer" – of obsolete, end of line or used equipment and what are the lowest prices by far.

How often does one of your customers (particularly industrial type) need a replacement electrical part for old equipment that’s no longer made?

Now you have at your fingertips a huge, national resource for locating hard to find items. Some products listed on The Trade Link portal are “used”, but tested as working, so no warranties are given or implied – it is a trade only resource.

This can be an invaluable service to your end user clients and a source of great additional profits.

Why not become one of our members now so you can sell and buy on The Trade Link web portal – it will help you turn problem stock into cash and will enable you to source hard to find items or buy items at amazingly low prices.

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